A cat, a mouse and me

I went on my early morning run yesterday. It was still dark, even darker than usual because it was foggy. When the sun made its way through the fog I just arrived at my favourite tree. As always I stood with my back against it, getting some of its energy and reassurance for the day. I was motionless, just breathing and listening to the sounds of the forest, when I saw the tail of a cat in the adjacent field. It moved like a dervish, up and down, back and forth. Then the cat emerged, a mouse in its mouth. Unaware I was watching, the cat played, setting the mouse down, then touching it with its paw to make it move. As soon as it did, the cat caught it and threw it up in the air. This went on for a while, me watching, the cat playing, the mouse balancing between life and death. Suddenly the cat picked up its victim and came towards me, still not noticing me. I saw the mouse, a tiny creature with brown fur and eyes like shiny buttons. When the cat put it down a few feet from my legs I moved. The cat escaped and the mouse - after a moment of hesitation - ran back into the field. I had saved its life and spoilt the cat’s breakfast. If it were always that easy to make a difference;-)