English and trees

What can trees mean to people? How can we integrate them into our lives?

What can we learn from them?

These three hours are filled with vocab, hints and a hike to special tree in the area.


Participants: 3 to 8

Levels: A2 to B2, all age groups

When: Friday 26 May and Friday 4 July 4-7 pm

Price: 45 €


English and food


What crops are growing around us? What are they used for? 
What food can we get in the region?

After these three hours you will certainly look at your surroundings in a different way;-)


Participants: 3 to 8

Levels: A2 to B2, all age groups

When: Friday 30 June and Friday 21 July 4-7 pm

Price: 45 €